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Schaumburg Home Severly Damaged Twice in Two Months

The Village of Schaumburg’s Police and Fire Departments are comprised of dedicated men and women who are committed to providing the very best services for the public. No one knows this as well as Mike T. (who asked us not to use his last name) and his family.

Mike and his family endured two separate catastrophic incidents to their home in Schaumburg late last year. The first incident involved an accident where a car ran off the road and smashed into the family’s three-car garage, destroying all three cars inside and damaging the garage and laundry room. About a month and a half later, the electric meter located at the back of the house started on fire. The fire caused extensive damage to the basement and smoke damage to the remainder of the home. Miraculously, no one was injured in either incident.

In both cases, police and fire personnel were on the scene instantly. They acted as a source of support, comfort, and empathy for Mike and his family. The family was understandably distraught, and it was the help of first responders that allowed them to focus on the next steps required to repair their home.

While damage from both incidents forced the family to seek temporary quarters while their home was being repaired, Mike feels strongly that the damage would have been much worse had police and fire officials not arrived on the scene as quickly as they did.

“If you ask them, they were just doing their job. In our eyes, they were lifesavers,” said Mike of the village’s first responders. Mike also expressed his heartfelt thanks to these two departments, calling them “a terrific group of emergency responders serving our village.”

Mike and his family returned to their home at the end of August.